Pear, Blue Cheese & Arugula Salad with Honey White Balsamic Dressing

Blue cheese and pear is such a great classic combination because all of the different flavors enhance each other. Add a little peppery arugula and tangy honey balsamic dressing, and you have a single dish that packs a strong flavor punch.

You Will Need:
Baby spinach & arugula salad mix
1 pear cut in very thin slices
¼ telegraph cucumber peeled into ribbons then cut diagonally
Candied walnuts (there is a super simple recipe here if you need it!)
Blue cheese
Dressing – whisk or shake equal parts of white balsamic vinegar, honey (melt in the microwave), and olive oil, then add a dash of Dijon mustard, salt and pepper. I love very strong dressings, so use a lot of vinegar in mine, you may prefer a lower ratio of vinegar to oil.

How To Make:
1.    In a salad bowl, lightly dress the spinach and arugula, cucumber, and pear.
2.    Garnish with the candied walnuts and chunks of blue cheese.

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