Summer Recipe Series - Grilled Halloumi

Since we all like lighter meals in the summer, I am starting a summer specific series of recipes. We don’t want mac’n’cheese on repeat all summer, do we? A few days ago, I was experimenting with Halloumi on the BBQ, and wanted to share some tips with you that I discovered along the way. I did a combination of Halloumi cubes on skewers and Halloumi ‘steaks’ which are larger pieces laid flat on the grill.

Once the skewers were on the grill along with a schwack of veggies, I started to worry that I shouldn’t have put the cheese directly on the grill, and that it would just melt down in between the bars! This didn’t happen as Halloumi has such a high melting point, and it softens and grills long before it becomes liquidy enough to fall through the bars of the grill.

Halloumi grilling on the BBQ

What You Will Need

Halloumi – I recommend about 150g to 250g per person depending on how many other veggies or items you are serving

6 Skewers

Marinade for 500g of Halloumi – juice of 1 lemon and a few grates of lemon zest, 12 mint leaves torn up, half of a red onion cut into chunks, lug of olive oil, sprinkle of chilli flakes, salt and pepper

Veggies for grilling – I usually do bell peppers, zucchini, mushrooms and asparagus.

How To Make

  1. Whisk all of the marinade ingredients together in a Tupperware with a sealing lid so you can shake and tip around the Halloumi to keep coating it as this quantity of marinade will not cover the Halloumi.
  2. Add the Halloumi cubes or steaks to the marinade, and let sit for at least an hour, but preferably a couple of hours. Cubes should be at least 1 inch, and steaks should be around 1/2 inch thickness (see more details on sizing below).
  3. Cut up the veggies you want to grill, and coat with a dash of olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper.
  4. Once the Halloumi has finished marinating, thread the cubes onto skewers with a piece of red onion in between each cube.
  5. Heat the grill to 400F / 200C, then put the skewers, Halloumi steaks and veggies on, and turn down to 350F / 175C.
  6. The skewers will take about 3 minutes on each side, but this ultimately depends on how large your cubes are, as well as what type of BBQ you are using.
  7. I like grilled veggies to be a bit crunchy still, so I do them for roughly the same amount of time as the Halloumi.

Make Sure Halloumi Pieces are the Same Size

One of the first things I will say is that whether you are doing cubes on a skewer, or steaks, make sure the pieces are the same size. I know this is important for loads of recipes, but I found that it was quite difficult to get the small pieces on the skewer to not melt through the BBQ grate, while the larger pieces were not grilled properly. Luckily Halloumi can be eaten raw, so it wasn’t the end of the world, but it was a bit frustrating.

Marinate For As Long As Possible

I feel like it took a while for the Halloumi to pick up the flavor of the marinade, so I recommend marinating for at least an hour. The good part about Halloumi marinade is that you can use it to mop over the cheese while it is cooking because you don’t need to worry about raw meat juice as you would for a meat marinade.

Use At Least 1-inch Halloumi Cubes for Skewers

My skewers are metal, and a little larger than bamboo ones, but I find that Halloumi splits quite easily and crumbles off the skewers if you use small pieces. As long as the pieces are a similar size, you can use larger pieces and just cook them for a bit longer.


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