Blue and white mandoline cheese and vegetable slicer - Lavish Cheese
Red and black mandoline cheese and vegetable slicer - Lavish Cheese

Mandoline Slicer for Cheese & Vegetables

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This mandoline is another good option for slicing a lot of cheese (or vegetables) quickly.

The one recipe where this is an absolute life-saver in our kitchen is scalloped potatoes. It speeds up the process so much that they have become a staple side dish, rather than one saved for special occasions.

It is also really helpful for making coleslaw, slicing cheese and all the toppings for homemade pizza, prepping onions for French onion soup, and pre-slicing cheese for school lunch sandwiches (I do a couple of days worth of cheese at a time).

What Makes This Cheese & Mandoline Slicer Special?
  • Very sharp blades to neatly cut hard foods such potatoes, carrots and cheese.
  • Adjustable slice thickness.
  • Multiple blades to choose from, including a french fry slicer.
  • Easy and comfortable grip for protecting your hands. 
  • Smooth surface which makes it easy to wipe clean.
Product Specifications & Care
  • The main body of this mandoline is 31cm or 12 inches long, and 10.5cm or 4 inches wide.
  • The BLUE & WHITE color option has dark flecks throughout the blue parts.
  • Blades are constructed from food grade stainless steel.
  • Hand wash and dry only; do not soak or put in the dishwasher as the heat will make the plastic brittle.
Fine Print
  • Free shipping within North America.
  • Easy returns and 100% refund if you are not satisfied.
  • Gets to you the fastest way possible as it ships directly from our supplier.
  • Please allow four weeks for delivery of this product.
  • Made in China and quality tested in Canada.