Our Story

We are two Vancouver, BC cheese lovers sharing some of our best cheese tools with you all through our Lavish Cheese online store. We stock the most useful cheese slicers, cheese knives, cheese serving tools, and cheese eating utensils, and every single piece has either been designed by us, or is quality tested by us.

We aim to bring the best cheese tools and accessories to Canada and the United States. Our time is spent searching for the best cheese tools from all over the world, then refining the designs to ensure quality and suitability for the North American market. Everyone seems to have a story about the amazing cheese slicer they used while at an Airbnb in Berlin, and we want to make sure these great products are available at home.

Epic cheeseboard with swiss, parm, cheddar, and sliced cheese


In the beginning, our store, and the ideas for the Lavish Cheese line of products, grew from the frustration of not being able to find a Swedish style cheese slicer in Canada. Incredibly, many cheese tools are not common in kitchens here, and it is difficult to find any quality, functional cheese cutting and serving tools.

Cooking was one the the things that brought us together (mountain biking was the other), and we quickly realized that almost every recipe we love revolves around cheese. After spending a lot of time in the kitchen, certain cheese situations kept coming up - too thick and uneven cheese slices on a grilled cheese sandwich, no easy way to shave hard cheeses, messy cheeseboards, and crumbling blocks of cheddar when trying to cut with a thick blade knife.

Between knowing that better cheese tools existed in other parts of the world, and wanting better cheese experiences, we decided to create Lavish Cheese.


We are constantly testing new products, and selecting our favorite cheese knives, cheese slicers, and cheese serving tools for the store. Lavish Cheese will continue to grow our product lines as we find and design ever more solutions to your cheese problems.

Through our love for cheese, we are involved in the local and global cheese scene, and also offer a blog to keep you up to date with cheese news as well as product reviews and recipes. We love to swap information and products with cheese mongers and cheese makers, and relish all of the advice and feedback we receive from our industry partners. 


We run our company from beautiful British Columbia, Canada, and strive to maintain an environmentally friendly and socially responsible supply chain by vetting manufacturers, researching cleaner packaging solutions, and donating a portion of profits to causes close to our hearts. 

We believe in the products we sell on Lavish Cheese, and will stand behind the quality of the cheese tools that we produce. If you receive a product from us that does not meet your expectation, we will provide a replacement or a refund. Quality control is an integral part of our business model, and we only want the best products to carry the Lavish Cheese brand.