Shipping Policy


If you are considering placing an order, please be aware that shipping may be delayed. I know we are all fatigued with covid-19 news, but it is still a huge factor disrupting supply chains and increasing shipping times.

Unfortunately we are having inbound supply chain disruptions for our products getting to us, as well as delays in our shipping to customers due to Covid-19.

We are keeping in touch with all customers who have ordered products, and will continue to be responsive to any concerns you have.

When Will Lavish Cheese Ship My Order?

We process and ship orders within 48 hours of receiving them. After we do our processing, your order will arrive on your doorstep within 3 weeks. Please note that we do have a few products that take 4 weeks for shipping, and this is always noted in the product description if it applies.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

We ship for FREE within Canada and the United States, and those are the only countries that we ship to.

As an online store, shipping costs are included in our overhead, and so we do not change extra to our customers for shipping. We see it as akin to a brick and mortar store charging customers additional on their bills for their rent....

How Long Will Shipping Take During The Covid-19 Era?

We don't know. Unfortunately the timelines of our shipping partners are constantly changing, and all we know is that product delivery is significantly longer than it used to be.

We understand that this is an inconvenience and hope that the FREE SHIPPING we are offer compensate for the longer shipping times.

Which Countries Does Lavish Cheese Ship To?

We only ship to addresses within Canada and the United States. We will offer worldwide service one day soon, so please keep checking back with us!

What About Customs Duties or Import Tax?

The United States and Canada are both part of a regime that allows low value commercial goods to go back and forth across borders without triggering duties or taxes.

Our product prices are generally below the trigger limit for import customs and duties, so these fees do not usually apply.

In cases where customs duties or import taxes apply, the customer will be 100% responsible for arranging and paying these fees. If this is the case, the shipping company will contact you to let you know your package requires duties or taxes to be paid, and at that time, you can provide them with a form of payment.