Microplane Grater & Zester for cheese and citrus - Lavish Cheese
Microplane Grater & Zester for cheese - Lavish Cheese
Microplane Grater & Zester for citrus - Lavish Cheese

Microplane Cheese Grater & Zester - food safe stainless steel

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A microplane is one of the most useful cheese (and kitchen) tools that you can have. It has very sharp teeth for easy grating, and can be used to grate fresh hard cheese, citrus zest, chocolate and spices.

Microplanes are especially useful in the kitchen when you just need a little bit of freshly grated spice, cheese or zest to garnish a dish, or add that last little flavor hit. They are easy to hold in one hand over a dish to grate directly onto your food, rather than onto a counter or bowl first, and just need a quick rinse or wipe with a damp cloth, then they are ready to go again. 

We have a couple of microplanes on Lavish Cheese, and this one is particularly good. It is compact for easy storage, has sharp teeth, but still grates very precisely so that the result is perfect for garnishing.

What Makes This Microplane Grater Special?
  • Sharp little teeth for grating and zesting.
  • It is easy to hold with one hand over a dish, so you can grate with the other.
  • If you want to use on softer cheese, you can freeze the cheese first, then grate when it is still hard.
  • Makes very tidy little grated pieces.
  • Easy to store as it is small and flat.
  • Traditional long and narrow shape.
Product Specifications & Care
  • The entire micropane is made of food safe stainless steel.
  • It is 32cm or 13 inches long, by 2.7cm or 1 inch wide.
  • Hand wash and dry only; do not soak or put in the dishwasher.
Fine Print
  • Free shipping within North America.
  • Easy returns and 100% refund if you are not satisfied.
  • Gets to you the fastest way possible as it ships directly from our supplier.
  • Made in China and quality tested in Canada.