Hand Crank Cheese Shredding Stand - Lavish Cheese
Hand Crank Cheese Shredding Stand - Lavish Cheese
Hand Crank Cheese Shredding Stand - Lavish Cheese

Rotary Cheese Shredder Stand

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One of our most popular products is the rotary grater, and this stand version (instead of the hand held model) makes shredding large amounts of cheese or vegetables very easy.

Simply load the hopper on the top with anything from cheddar to cabbage, and the food safe stainless steel shredding blades will make short work of slicing or shredding it in no time!

What Makes This Rotary Shredder Special?
  • Hand crank system takes the effort out of grating cheese.
  • Comes apart easily for quick and thorough cleaning.
  • Available in three bright colors.
  • Includes three blades - slicing, rough grate and fine grate.
  • Blades are food safe stainless steel.
  • The blade is internal so there is no risk of cutting yourself or your knuckles when you are shredding or slicing.
  • This grater works best on hard or medium cheeses. If you need to grate soft cheese (including Mozzarella), pop it in the freezer for about 30 minutes then it will grate much better.
Product Specifications & Care
  • Grater is 25cm or 10 inches high.
  • The base, handle and food hopper are made of plastic, and the shredding and slicing blades are made of food safe stainless steel.
  • Hand wash and dry only. Do not soak or put in the dishwasher as the high heat will make the plastic brittle and prone to splitting or snapping.
Fine Print
  • Free shipping within North America.
  • Easy returns and 100% refund if you are not satisfied.
  • Gets to you the fastest way possible as it ships directly from our supplier, but please allow four weeks for shipping instead of our usual three weeks.
  • Made in China and quality tested in Canada.